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Traditional Plumbread is our original one, made in the 1930’s by Myra Pocklington. The rich sweet dough contains at least 40% fruit. Sultanas and Currants come direct from the grower in Turkey.

Suitable for Vegans.

£3.95 per loaf

Luxury Plumbread is similar to our Traditional but packed with Cherries, Sultanas and Currants with a hint of mixed spices. This rich sweet dough contains at least 40% fruit.

Suitable for Vegans.

£3.95 per loaf

Moden’s Plumbread, still made to the original classic Moden’s recipe, containing Sultanas, Raisins and Nutmeg. Baked in a tin giving a perfect rounded bake and shape for slicing and toasting.

Suitable for Vegans.

£3.95 per loaf
Slater Eyre

Slater Eyre Plumbread is the absolutely ultimate classic Lincolnshire Plumbread based on the original 1834 recipe. This wonderful loaf contains Sultanas, Raisins and Currants, Mixed Peel, Cinnamon, Ginger and Mixed Spice.

Suitable for Vegans.

£3.95 per loaf
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The Traditional Plumbread is based on a recipe used by Myra Pocklington in the 1930's to feed the farm workers on the family farm. Covered in home churned butter, she would take it out to the farm hands in the fields at break time. Sometimes they would also get a thick chunk of home churned cheddar cheese to accompany the Plumbread.

The Luxury Plumbread was developed in 1998 because of customer feedback. We were asked to produce a loaf using our traditional recipe, but with a hint of mixed spice and some cherries, for a large wholesale order. The few spare loaves from the batch were sampled in our shops by our customers. The demand was there so we went into full production and we haven’t stopped since. We now produce even numbers of Traditional and Luxury Plumbread.

The Slater Eyre Plumbread was made in the bakery based in the ‘Capital of the Wolds’ market town of Louth by Mr Slater Eyre around 1834. This soon became very popular in and around the town but eventually stopped being produced. Along with the popular ‘Modens Plumbread’ The Lincolnshire Plumbread Company bought the rights to produce this fabulous product from Moden’s Plumbread in 2019 and using the original recipe have been promoting and selling it since.

The Lincolnshire Plumbread Company was set up in 2010 specifically to promote Lincolnshire Plumbread outside the County of Lincolnshire. All four Plumbread versions are now produced under the one roof in our modern Lincolnshire bakery.

Lincolnshire Plumbread

Have you tried our Traditional Plumbread? If you like that then you will love the whole range. Why not try the Luxury Plumbread with cherries, our Slater Eyre and now available the classic Moden’s Plumbread. All different but all made with the same care and attention as the original that Pocklington’s Bakery are famous for.

Quality Products

Here at the Lincolnshire Plumbread Company we use only the best quality ingredients available in all our Plumbread. The business is based on quality and this starts with using the finest skilled bakers to blend the best ingredients lovingly together. Care and attention, coupled with a great service, ends with an award winning product we are proud to sell.


Sliced thick or thin, ripped into chunks, eaten straight from the packet, buttered, toasted, with Red Leicester, without Red Leicester, in bread and butter pudding, the list goes on and on. All serving suggestions that make the Lincolnshire Plumbread a truly versatile meal packed with energy. Children love it is packed lunches and grandparents love it with a cup of tea. Let us know how you like yours.

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